Irish Neutrality League Opposes “Expanded Co-operation With NATO”

8/3/2023 The Irish Neutrality League condemns suggestions from Foreign Affairs Minister Micheál Martin that there will be expanded cooperation with NATO in areas of cyber-attacks and intelligence gathering. It is obvious that this government wants to erode Irish neutrality and gradually pave the way for an entry into NATO. A recent report indicates that Micheál […]

Irish Government and Media Warmongering Has Undermined Ireland’s Neutrality

17/2/2023 On the first anniversary of Russia’s imperialist invasion of Ukraine, the Irish Neutrality League decries an Irish government and media-driven warmongering narrative that has served to undermine Ireland’s neutrality. 1.  Irish Neutrality Has Been Undermined; Increased Defence Spending Fuels Geopolitical Tensions With blatant disregard for opinion polls indicating majority support for Irish neutrality, the […]

NATO Pushing Militarisation Throughout Europe

6/2/2023 The Irish Neutrality League has suggested that NATO is using the war in Ukraine to increase military spending in Europe and to enrich arms manufacturers. The Irish Neutrality League condemns Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s destruction of civilian targets. As a neutral country, Ireland should condemn the invasion and be to the fore […]