Consultative Forums on International Security Policy a Government Mechanism for Abandoning the Triple Lock and Neutrality

The Irish Neutrality League deems the recently announced Consultative Forums on International Security Policy to be, patently, a government mechanism for abandoning the triple lock and neutrality, and for increasing involvement in EU common-defence pacts and for eventually securing Irish membership of NATO. The consultative element will be nothing more than a pretence at consultation. […]

Varadkar Acting Like a Warmonger

24/3/2023 The Irish Neutrality League has condemned bellicose comments from Leo Varadkar made at an EU summit (23/3/2023). Varadkar said that “Putin will stop where we stop him”. In a statement, the INL said: “This is not the time for fake Churchillian acts. Drawing false analogies with Europe in 1939 will not help stop a […]