On the first anniversary of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, the Irish Neutrality League has called on the Irish government to promote the need for a ceasefire and peace negotiations. To date, the Irish government has used the war to undermine Irish neutrality. 

The war has reached a stalemate. Russia, Ukraine and its allies may seek to escalate the war, or might be prevailed upon to open peace negotiations. 

If the war continues, yet more lives will be lost, more homes and infrastructure will be destroyed, the refugee crisis will deepen, and the global ramifications of the war will continue to be felt through increased food and energy prices and heightened geopolitical tensions.

The only winners from an escalation of the war are arms manufacturers and militarists in both Russia and NATO, who are pressing for increased spending on armaments.

The INL calls for the positive element of Irish neutrality to be exercised. Ireland must publicly call for a ceasefire and peace negotiations. 

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